The Intelligence of Dogs

by: Travis Glodt March 27, 2016

In 2005 when I got my dog from the ASPCA I picked her out and ended up with one of the best dogs I could possibly imagine. Sudee has always been a head turner not because of how she looks but because of her behavior. I can walk her in the middle of a busy street without a leash and she will stay completely obedient. She will not run out in traffic or spook at other dogs. I used to walk her in downtown Dallas and even in Los Angeles though where I lived there was less congested. Other people walking their dogs would have their dogs going bananas. Sudee would just sit quietly and look at me for instructions. I actually think it would irritate people and they would become furious with actual jealousy. Some even screamed "There are leash laws!!" I would just laugh and I honestly thought "I am sure glad those laws exist for dogs like yours" because it was like they were hanging onto a live fire hose with their dogs going nuts on the end. I know I should have probably had her on a leash but the truth is over 10 years of basically living in the city I have never had one single problem leash or no leash.

I have had countless people ask me how I trained my dog. The truth is she was really easy. My secret was I spent plenty of time picking her out. She was the first dog I could take into the dog run area and she would just sit down right next to me. All the other pups would run like wild animals to the other end of the pen. I never really honestly attributed my actions with her to her inherent obedience. I would take credit for it. But the truth was she just came the way she did. I suppose in some ways dogs are like people, some people are more challenging than others. One thing for sure is Sudee made me a life time dog owner.

Published by: Speak: Creative
Created On: March 27, 2016
Last Modified: March 27, 2016

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