A Simulated Reality

by: Travis Glodt April 01, 2016

The question of whether or not reality is in fact real dates back to the beginning of philosophic thought. Are you aware however that some of the brightest physicists in the world hypothesize that our reality is possibly a computer simulation created by a higher intelligence? One of the key physics experiments that raises this question involves something known as "quantum entanglement," where two particles are mechanically paired with one another. After which the two particles can be separated across the distance of the entire universe and still communicate with one another. By checking the state of one particle you can determine the spin of the entangled particle with 100% accuracy. This according to scientists raises the question of whether space and volume are in fact an illusion. This video seems out there but there is valid mathematics and science behind some of the principles herein. And some of the scientists who propose this as a possibility are some of the top theoretical physicists in the world. In essence volume, time and space are an illusion if this hypothesis is proven to be true. It would also mean that the simple act of observation has an affect on what we are looking at.

Further Reading:
The Scientific American - Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

Published by: Speak: Creative
Created On: April 01, 2016
Last Modified: April 01, 2016

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