• Global Warming Hoax

    Church of Climatology

    April 16, 2016
    I remember as a small child in the 1980s it snowed considerably more than it did later in my life. It seemed like the 90s was in fact progressively hotter. Well the data ...

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  • Fractals and The World

    Nature's Math

    April 14, 2016
    Nature is a jumbled nonsensical mess of crooked lines . . . or is it? Have you ever been curious how special effects have become so realistic? Or how the video game ...

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  • Military Dogs

    Dogs of War

    April 06, 2016
    You may be surprised to know that dogs have a long history accompanying man into dangerous territory. Dogs have recorded use in ancient times by the Egyptians, Greeks ...

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  • Reality as a Simulation

    A Simulated Reality

    April 01, 2016
    The question of whether or not reality is in fact real dates back to the beginning of philosophic thought. Are you aware however that some of the brightest physicists in the world ...

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  • The Holographic Universe

    Holographic Universe

    March 28, 2016
    Even though I do not comprehend the mathematics of these theories and probably never will I still find it wildly entertaining. I remember in physics learning about Einstein's ...

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  • Intelligent Dog

    Intelligence of Dogs

    March 27, 2016
    In 2005 when I got my dog from the ASPCA I picked her out and ended up with one of the best dogs I could possibly imagine. Sudee has always been a head turner not because of ...

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  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Just for Laughs

    March 21, 2016
    This is a collection of some of my favorite videos online to facilitate a good laugh. If I am having a bad day I like to go to Youtube and see what I can find to lift my ...

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  • Schema.org


    December 09, 2015
    Schema.org is a fascinating way for you to tell google and other search engines what your content is all about in new ways. Schema.org is an initiative launched by Google, ...

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  • Scott Weiland

    R.I.P. Scott Weiland

    December 04, 2015
    Scott Weiland came along during a time in my life when I was the perfect combination of young and dumb. Believe it or not I was actually suprised to hear he passed away ...

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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    What Options?

    September 11, 2015
    This is not an endorsement of Assad or the Syrian Rebels. I still have not formed a full opinion. I am reading more as to who exactly the Syrian Rebels are and what ...

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