Travis Glodt, Houston Texas

Travis B. Glodt
Marketing, Advertising and Creative Asset Development
Education: Texas Tech University
Current City: Los Angeles, California
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Travis B. Glodt
Los Angeles, CA
424 333 8684

Professional Experience:

Director of Marketing and Operations: Superbalife International, LLC 2009 - December 2014

• Assisted in product development including pre-market entry research, test marketing, profitability analysis and full scale production based upon profitability.
• Worked collaboratively to develop, monitor and adjust marketing campaigns based on ROI.
• Reviewed and adjusted campaign bid levels according to fluctuating market prices.
• Sourced and purchased raw materials for finished product.
• Managed and updated point of sale and marketing sites for compliance and legal issues.
• Managed studio productions for spokesperson filming and photography.
• Photographed spokespeople and products for all point of sale sites and advertising.


Texas Tech University
B.A. Photographic Communications; Minor in English
2004 Graduate

Programming Languages:

• Semantic HTML 5 (Including Responsive Design Framework)
• CSS3
• CSS3 Media Queries
• Javascript

Program Profficiencies:

Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Sound Booth CC
Adobe Flash (AS 2.0)
Excel (Open Office)

Additional Skills:

• Photography
• Graphic Design
Google Analytics
Google Ad Words
Google Ad Sense
• PPC Campaign Management
• PPC Advertising
• CPA Campaign Management
• CPA Advertising
• Profitability Analysis
• Product Development

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